Some of our students have a potentially life threatening allergy to nuts so we are committed to being an allergy aware school. Most reactions happen when nuts are eaten but serious reactions can also occur from skin or eye contact or breathing in nut particles. Therefore, we ask that you help us keep all our students safe by avoiding sending loose nuts or food containing nuts to school, such as, peanut butter.

If your child has a health condition which requires support at school such as allergies, asthma, seizures or diabetes please contact us so that we can organise appropriate assistance.

If your child requires medication temporarily, such as antibiotics, you must sign a form giving your permission for staff to administer the medication. Please print and fill in the Administration of Medication FORM_3

If your child has a communicable disease you can ask advice from your doctor about when they should return to school, contact us directly or have a look online at this advice from the Department of Health, ‘Communicable Disease Guidelines’ (2017).


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