Our Philosophy

Our Vision

Denmark Primary School is a professional learning community committed to a dynamic, innovative culture of excellence, equity, learning and care.

Our School Purpose

We nurture and inspire our students to achieve and continually strive to improve. Our students are resilient and responsible, showing concern and respect for themselves and others.

Our beliefs

Our caring, dedicated and talented staff believe children learn best when:

  • They are nurtured in an inclusive and collaborative environment
  • They are understood, listened to and belong
  • Teachers differentiate the educational program to cater for students’ needs
  • Staff are committed to continuing professional learning through collaborative sharing
  • Staff are committed to a whole school evidence based approach to teaching and learning
  • Digital technology and innovation are integrated into classroom teaching and learning
  • They reflect and act on constructive feedback from self, peers and staff
  • School and community work together


Play Based Intentional Teaching

At the beginning of your child’s educational journey with us in kindergarten and pre-primary, we provide a stimulating environment which sparks curiosity and promotes a culture of independence. A focus on individual students’ choice is embedded in the teaching and learning cycle. Experiences that are relevant to your child’s world promote problem solving, exploration, creativity, communication and social competency. We tailor our teaching to each child’s needs so that students reach their full potential. We choose to regularly evaluate our work against the National Quality Standards (NQS) for Early Childhood Education.  The NQS Verifiers affirm the high standard of our service.

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